Yeeep. uvu The same version as I have on the computer. (Which is actually an earlier verson, aha. I still have the installer on one of my flashdrives so I just used that instead of installing the newest version, because Im just getting used to the version I have. xD) Its 2.8, instead of 2.10, so I dont have to get used to any new fetures or anything. xDD

I made a pixel not too long ago, and Ive been meaning to make it transparent, but I couldnt because I didnt have GIMP on my laptop and Im not totally comfortable using Ezimba because they save the most recent files for people to view, and Im really weird with posting stuff online. //shot

Ill leave a link to the pixel once I get it submitted to dA, Im showing it to Bow before I upload it because I want her opinion on it. We co-own the chara anyway, aha. owo

Anyway, its almost eleven and Im really tired. D:

I better go. ;o;

Good night guys! ^^